More empty promises

Much like a deadbeat dad, I’m promising you, yet again, to see you more often. Here’s why I’ve been updating less:

-Got a job 45 minutes away from where I’m currently living, so an hour and a half-two hours of my day is now driving as opposed to blogging, along with the 8 hours a day I work.

-I write reviews for and, which has been the bulk of my writing about the arts time.

-I’m really broken up over what happened between you and your mom.

My point being, although one would think that because I’m writing semi-professionally now (the semi- due to the fact that I’m only being paid in promos for both positions) would mean my days of writing on this thing are over. But no, dear reader! In fact, due to the fact that my name is out there means I’d like to have my name out there more, and this blog also means I’ll be covering the stuff I do want to write about as opposed to what I’m being assigned to write about. Which means, I’ll be writing about more non-metal stuff (and ideally seeing more movies and writing about them) here than before. That being said, every now and again, something metal related may pop up.

But yeah, I’m giving this thing a MASSIVE OVERHAUL and updating it a lot more often to both sharpen my writing skills and have a bigger portfolio to work from… and oh yeah, to impress you. So tell your mom that she and “Uncle Greg” congratulations about getting that condo in Stockbridge; I’m moving up in the world, too, goddammit!



One Response to “More empty promises”

  1. brakefortoads Says:

    Hooray! I love your writing but metal makes me feel angry.

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